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Netanyahu Receives Modest Boost From U.S. Speech
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still running neck-and-neck with his rivals in the upcoming parliamentary election, which is scheduled for March 17. Israeli polls show Netanyahu’s Likud Party received a slight boost from the prime minister’s speech this week in front of Congress, increasing its likely support by one or two seats.

However, it is still in a virtual tie with the center-left Zionist Union. While public opinion surveys showed that many Israelis received Netanyahu’s address to Congress positively, a large percentage also said that the speech would not affect their vote.

British PM Cameron Gets Tough On Moscow
The Wall Street Journal’s Jenny Gross and Cassell Bryan-Low write that British Prime Minister David Cameron said the West needs a tough, long-term response to Russia over tensions in Ukraine, warning that he and other leaders were prepared to take sanctions ‘to a whole different level’ if Moscow ramps up its aggression.”

The Wall Street Journal also report that banks controlled by three billionaire friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin have seen about $640 million of assets frozen in the U.S. as retaliation for the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine.”

While the Obama administration has resisted sending arms to Ukraine, an array of powerful House Democrats and Republicans sent a new letter to President Barack Obama calling for arming Ukraine.”

Pope Francis’ Real Task Is Preventing A Holy War
Author Garry Wills writes in The Washington Post that the role of head of the Catholic Church is inherently a diplomatic position because Catholics reside in many different nations and cultures and that quality makes Pope Francis suited to the task of preventing what could become a Holy War.

He argues:

All modern popes have called for peace in the world. But Francis has a special chance to use religious office to prevent religious war. Any war for religion conflicts with the peaceful traditions of Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Mormons and others. Francis has earned a special credibility in reminding us of that important truth. At the United Nations in 1965, Pope Paul VI cried out, “No more war, war never again.” Pope Francis’s deepest message may turn out to be “No holy war, not ever.”

The Failure Of The UN Missions To Heal Haiti
There have been seven UN missions so far in Haiti. Most of them haven’t worked.

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