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Congress Idle While Islamic State Persecutes Christians
Last August, President Barack Obama signed a bill creating a special envoy charged with helping Iraq’s Christian communities and other minority religious groups targeted by the Islamic State. Seven months later, the post is still vacant, and Congress seems in no rush to fill it.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian and Yochi Dreazen of Foreign Policy say their inaction is reflective of a “small but concrete example of Washington’s passivity in the face of an ongoing wave of atrocities against the Assyrian, Chaldean, and other Christian communities of Iraq and Syria.”

How To Make Sustainable Development Goals Work
Another article in Foreign Policy magazine co-authored by Melinda Gates lay out what she believes are the key components to building on the work of the Millennium Development goals, which expire at the end of the year.

On the same subject, Shanta Devarajan of the Brookings Institution argues why it may have been the wrong approach to the development goals through the lens of how much they would cost.

“In this setting, approaching development as a problem of finance—the amount of money it will take to achieve the goals—can be counterproductive. From the donor’s side, a focus on raising the $50 billion in resources distracts from investing in the knowledge assistance needed to help unblock these political equilibria. And from the government’s perspective, many of the reforms that are needed to accelerate poverty reduction are politically difficult. Discussions of financing needs enables policymakers to avoid these difficult reforms, while giving them an excuse for missing the goals (“the money was not enough”),” he writes.

Webcast: The Role Of The CIA In Countering Global Threats
CIA Director John O. Brennan joins CBS News’ Charlie Rose to discuss the agency’s global mission and approach to emerging and persistent threats.

Poverty As A Bargaining Tool
Amrita Narlikar examines how developing countries use poverty as a bargaining tool.

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