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Afghans Defend US Use Of Drones
On Monday, Fazel Ahmad Sherzad, the police chief of Nangarhar province, defended the use of drones by American forces, telling TOLO News that more than 17 drone strikes were conducted in parts of the province over the past two months, killing 69 militants and wounding 11 others, while not leaving a single civilian casualty.

He added: “Drone attacks have been effective in curbing the militants.” In Kunar province, over the last year, over 50 drone strikes have killed 150 militants and wounded an additional 58, according to the provincial police chief, Habib Saidkhaili, who added: “The attacks conducted by drones have been effective in the province.”

Applying The Lessons Of The Great War To Today
Lamont Colucci says that on the centennial of the Great War, it is a fitting time to heed the lessons learned and to take note that wars between great powers are not so easily consigned to the past, especially given the makeup of the world today.

In an article in the World Affairs Journal, Colucci argues that while World War I was caused in part by lesser powers using the larger nations for their purposes, the primary reason for the war to end all wars was the absence of a hegemon.

“The Pax Britannica was over, although Great Britain did not yet know it, and the Pax Americana had yet to begin. The international situation today bears a disquieting resemblance to that world of a hundred years ago that came apart with sudden and appalling violence. International relations experts may claim that great power conflict is passé, having been replaced by issues such as terrorism, climate change, pandemics, energy, and migration. All these issues are pressing. Yet they should not hide the fact that there are many areas of the globe that are erupting or have erupted into great power conflict,” he writes.

Amnesty International Condemns Response To Human Rights Violations
Amnesty International (AI) says 2014 was a catastrophic year for millions caught up in violence, and condemned what it called a “shameful and ineffective” global response to conflict and abuses by governments and armed groups.

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