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Obama Has A Strategy For Iran, But It Is The Wrong One
Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute speculates that Obama has always held the belief that integrating Iran into the international diplomatic and economic system is a much more effective method of moderating its aggressive behavior than applying more pressure, and that, despite all the accumulated evidence before and since the November 2013 interim agreement, he appears also to believe that his method is working.

“Inexperience is a problem in this administration, but there is no lack of strategic vision. Quite the contrary: a strategy has been in place from the start, and however clumsily it may on occasion have been implemented, and whatever resistance it has generated abroad or at home, Obama has doggedly adhered to the policies that have flowed from it,” he says and explains in the article the course that strategy has taken.

European Security After Ukraine
Jan Techau of the Carnegie Foundation sees in Europe a trend in which their governments are not becoming more autonomous, but are increasingly becoming more dependent on U.S. security services by steadily reducing their own capabilities. This reality is partly borne of economic distress, and partly because of Europeans apparent blindness to their fact that the U.S. must focus elsewhere while Europe’s security is increasingly threatened by its wide, unruly neighborhood.

“The Ukraine crisis has only accelerated the speed at which the West is negotiating Europe’s new security system. Curiously, the actual rift over Ukraine itself is much smaller than it seems. When the crisis turned serious, the United States and Europe acted in a fairly synchronized fashion. Their response was a mix of reassurance within NATO, sanctions against Russia, and support for the new government in Kiev.

“Most importantly, however, the West (rightly) decided very early on in the crisis that it was unwilling to go to war over Ukraine. By doing so, Western leaders made it clear—implicitly—that their security guarantees did not apply to Ukraine, and that the country was not part of the European security architecture,” argues Techau.

News Of Today

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nigeria is asking the U.S. for more troops to battle Boko Haram.

CNN is reporting that Iraqi troops suffered losses today and that the town of Anbar could fall soon.

Foreign Policy columnist Aaron David Miller says it is becoming more evident that the White House is now quietly working to unsettle the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before elections in Israel.

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