Leftists Win Election In Greece

According to exit polls, it appears that the Leftist Syriza party has won handily. The party involving various left-wing political groupings that, in one form or another, were originally related to the Communist Party of Greece. Syriza in its current form is a strategic coalition comprising a variety of political platforms that include social democrats, radical socialists and communists, environmentalists, anti-globalization campaigners and human rights advocates.

Theo Papadopoulos, a lecturer with the Department of Social & Policy Sciences at University of Bath, offers some background on why the election in Greece holds such importance.

“In terms of political rhetoric, Syriza has stated its political ambition is to change Europe as well as Greece. In what is admittedly a clever political move Syriza refused to accept the narrative of Greek exceptionalism when it comes to sovereign debt,” he writes.

It is likely that the policy of austerity will come to an end, as much of the party’s appeal was to younger, middle-class voters who have been hit by the nation’s ongoing economic struggles.

The success of the radical Syriza holds a warning for European politicians, argues the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.

“The larger lesson for Europe is the volatility of politics without economic growth. Radical parties rise when mainstream parties lack solutions, especially when they see economic pain imposed from far-away capitals. Portugal, Italy and even France could see similar political uprisings if they don’t do more to break their unsustainable welfare-state models and adopt supply-side economic reforms,” they conclude.


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