Tuesdays News: Allies Send Troops To Advise Iraq Mission, Impact Of Torture Report

Iraq Mission Bolstered By Coalition Members Members of the U.S.-led coalition combating ISIS militants have pledged to send about 1,500 additional troops to Iraq to help train and advise Iraqi and Kurdish forces, reports Reuters.

According to the BBC, Lt Gen James Terry, who is coordinating efforts against ISIS, confirmed that the soldiers would be in addition to 3,100 US soldiers already promised, but he declined to detail which coalition members would be sending forces, nor what role they would play.

Coming off of gains against Islamic State militants in the city of Mosul, Iraqi officials are pushing for a winter offensive in the area months ahead of schedule despite U.S. warnings.

Senate Democratic Torture Report
Today, Senate Democrats released the executive summary of the committee’s five-year review of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program. The release includes redacted versions of the committee’s executive summary and findings and conclusions, as well as additional and minority views authored by members of the committee.

CIA officials and Secretary of State John Kerry had argued for a delay of the report’s release, but President Barack Obama and other administration officials decided to act against their pleas.

No Republican members contributed to the report, but several ex-CIA officials have penned a response in The Wall Street Journal in which they contend the tactics led to the arrest of terrorists and produced actionable intelligence.

The CIA has warned that the report could reveal the identity of various covert officers, which could place agents in real danger and lead to other attacks.

CBS News reports that the allegations in the Democrats’ report could aid in the prosecution of CIA agents in Europe and could be used by terrorists to recruit more jihadists.

Even before the report’s release, there were calls for aggressive prosecution of agents involved, including from the United Nations, according to The New York Times.

The New York Times reports how the report shines a light on the infighting within the CIA over interrogation tactics and counterterrorism measures.

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