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Washington’s Failure To Counter al Qaeda’s Narrative
Brookings Institution’s Bruce Riedel says that to defeat Islamic extremism, “drones need be matched with deeds that expose the false precepts of al Qaeda’s narrative.” But does the U.S. understand the narrative enough to defeat it?

Obama  Pushing Trade In Last Two Years
William Maudlin writes in the Wall Street Journal about President Barack Obama’s renewed push to get approval for trade deals with the European Union and Asia.

Fmr. Iraqi Defense Minister: The Challenge Of Rebuilding Army Former Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul Qader Obeidi sits down with Foreign Policy to discuss the challenges of rebuilding the Iraqi army and the need for U.S. assistance.

How To Solve Syria’s Refugee Problem
To date, three million Syrians have fled the war in their country, which is a size larger than occurred during the  Rwandan genocide as the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Although some have proposed creating a buffer zone to protect the citizens, Trevor Ulbrick of Foreign Affairs magazine examines the legal and logistical challenges such a plan poses.

The US Should Be The World’s Policeman
Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal makes the case for America to maintain its role as the global policeman.

Bipartisan Bill Introduced To Protect World’s Cultural Artifacts
Two members of Congress have introduced a bill that would take steps to coordinate efforts across government to preserve cultural artifacts where they may be threatened by conflict, instability, or natural disaster.

Read more about the bill sponsored by Democrat Elliot Engel and Republican Chris Smith HERE.


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