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Russia Wants Guarantee Ukraine Will Not Join NATO
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov said Putin wanted “a 100 percent guarantee that no one would think about Ukraine joining NATO.” In September, as the conflict escalated, NATO officials suggested membership for Ukraine was possible if Kiev wanted to pursue it. Putin has long maintained that membership would be an unacceptable incursion into its historic sphere of influence, reports the BBC.

“NATO has warned of a serious Russian military build-up in rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine and on Russia’s side of the border. But Mr. Peskov countered by accusing NATO of breaking a historic promise by gradually approaching Russia’s borders.

Lessons Learned From Ebola Outbreak Can Foster Better Reaction
Strobe Talbott of the Brookings Institution moderated an event focused on examining how the Ebola outbreak was handled and identifying the takeaways that will improve the global response in the future.

The panelists included U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Rajiv Shah; Assistant to the Administrator for Africa Eric Postel; and Oscar Bloh, director of the Liberian office of Search for Common Ground.

While Liberians came together and changed the behavior to address the Ebola crisis, a critical role was played by citizens’ groups and the international community, which kept the pressure on the Liberian government to restore and improve health care systems, and to make sure that future deals designed to lure investors back to Liberia were designed with the interests of the Liberian people in mind.

Five Foreign Policy Lessons From Last 20 Years
Stephen Walt of Foreign Policy looks back over the last two decades to find five lessons which can be learned, including the fact that despite the global nature of international relations, local politics still matter.

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