Obama Tries To Warm Relations With China As Chill Defines US-Russia Relations

On the first official day of his trip to China to attend the APEC CEO summit, President Barack Obama extended a hand to the Chinese, expressing a desire to take the relationship between the two nations “to a new level,” reports The Weekly Standard.

“We compete for business, but we also seek to cooperate on a broad range of challenges and shared opportunities,” said Obama in a speech at the APEC CEO summit. “If China and the United States can work together, the world benefits.”

China’s Global Times sees a U.S. president eager to soften his stance on China as he struggles on so many other fronts: “Sino-U.S. relations are not in good shape as Washington has played a role in the disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea. But since the U.S. has already sunk into a quagmire in Ukraine, and as a result of Islamic State terrorism, China-U.S. relations may become the only area where Obama can leave a legacy.”

The state newspaper acknowledged frankly that “we still don’t quite understand” the US and the Obama administration.

“Obama has reiterated that the US will not seek to contain China. Is he sincere? The US has deployed 60 percent of its military to the Asia-Pacific. The US has offered shelter to those seeking the independence of the Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions. The Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong also has US backing. The US pivot to Asia strategy has obviously encouraged an anti-China mentality in China’s neighboring countries. Meanwhile, the Americans also complain that they don’t understand China and wonder what China’s real stance toward the US is,” the editorial stated.

The summit offered one of the more awkward meetings as Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin did everything under their power to avoid each other.

During a brief meeting they did exchange views on Syria and the nuclear negotiations with Iran, as both the White House and the Kremlin have confirmed, reports Reuters’ Matt Spetalnick.


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