Murders Reignite Fears Of A Wider Religious War In Middle East

Israel Begins Destroying Homes After Murders
The policy of home destruction was abandoned a decade ago, but began anew after Tuesday’s murder by two Palestinians of four rabbis and a policeman at a Jerusalem synagogue, the worst attack in the city since 2008, reports The Jerusalem Post.

“Jewish mothers publicly demanded security guards posted outside schools, the defense minister rescinded plans to relax roadblocks in the occupied West Bank, and the mayor of Ashkelon barred Arab workers from construction projects at his city’s kindergartens…Palestinians, too, were worried, about the possibility of revenge attacks, about security forces under pressure being overzealous and about a crackdown that included new checkpoints blocking off some of their East Jerusalem neighborhoods,” writes The New York Times’  Jodi Rudoren.

The increase in violence has renewed a sense of fear that the threat of an incipient but deadly ‘religious war’ was possible.

“All of us are scared that there will be a religious war, that extremists from both sides will start fighting each other,” said Oded Wiener, an Israeli Jew from the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land, told The Washington Post.

Those fears are real as Hamas has called for a “day of rage” on Friday, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The terrorist group has implored Palestinians to take to the streets “in solidarity with the Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem intifada” and is accusing Israel of “desecrating” the Aksa Mosque, Hamas told Palestinians to march toward checkpoints in the West Bank and clash with soldiers

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