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Czechs Mark Anniversary Of The Velvet Revolution
In November 1989 huge protests in Prague lead to the rapid collapse of Czechoslovakia’s communist regime, the election of dissident playwright Vaclav Havel as president, and the restoration of democracy, BBC News reports.

ISIS Targeting Aid Workers In Latest Terror Front
The latest tactic employed by ISIS is to seize foreign aid destined for the neediest Syrians to redistribute under it own flag, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Relief workers believe Islamic State is holding one foreign and six Syrian aid workers, following the killing of Peter Kassig, an American aid worker who was beheaded recently.

A Time When Reporters Were Courted, Not Beheaded
Jeffrey Goldberg writes in The Atlantic about a time when Muslim extremists sought out the assistance of reporters, but everything changed with the beheading of Wall Street Journal Daniel Pearl.

“The attacks of 9/11 weren’t the decisive break in the relationship between jihadists and journalists. It was the decision made by a set of extremists in Pakistan to kidnap the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in January 2002 that represented a shift in jihadist thought. To his kidnappers, Pearl was not a messenger to the outside world, but a scapegoat to be sacrificed for the sins of his fellow infidels. Murder was becoming their message,” Goldberg writes.


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