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Obama Administration Cuts Funding To Critical
The State Department has eliminated funding for an NGO dedicated to documenting Syrian dictator Bashir Assad’s atrocities at a time when the Obama administration is increasing funding to collect evidence of war crimes in Iraq by the Islamic State, reports Colum Lynch of Foreign Policy.

The funding shift also has raised concern among human rights advocates that the United States and its allies are reducing their commitment to holding the Syrian leader accountable for atrocities.

Is The US A Poor Role Model For Democracy?
Christian Caryl of Foreign Policy argues that the world’s best known democracy is a poor role model and has some thoughts on how to clean it up.

“Yet there’s no question in my mind that people around the world want more democracy. That’s because most people want freedom, political participation, and control over their own lives. But why they should they choose democracy if the way it’s implemented in their own societies results in rampant social injustice, corruption, diminished prosperity, and a decline in personal security? What they want is democracy that works,” Caryl writes.

Obama Should Retool His Foreign Policy Before His Foreign Policy Team
Leslie Geld writes in The Daily Beast that Barack Obama needs to look himself in the mirror and examine his own foreign policy vision before he overhauls his foreign policy team.

“It was clear from Obama’s earliest days in office that he would run the most personalized and centralized decision-making operation, perhaps ever. It’s all about him, his judgments, his intelligence, his resistance to making serious strategies (of what can and should be done and how), and his cluelessness about how to get things done. Ask almost anyone in the national security system, and they will tell you that the process is constipated because of his mania for control and ad hoc decisions. If he wants to shake things up and achieve some major accomplishments in his last two years, he’s got to shake himself up first,” he argues.

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