Impact Of Midterm Elections On U.S. Foreign Policy

Following is a round-up of articles on whether the midterm elections will have any short- or long-term impact on the direction of U.S. foreign policy.

Midterms Place Obama Foreign Policy In Trouble
Tara McKelvey of BBC News argues that President Obama’s foreign policy agenda could be in trouble after Republicans swept the elections on Tuesday.

“Wielding the majority in the Senate, Republicans such as John McCain of Arizona will try to force the president to act more decisively in international affairs – by sending ground troops to Syria, for instance, and by imposing harsher sanctions on Russia. Republicans will also raise tough questions about the Iranian negotiations,” she writes.

But Not As Much As You Think
James Lindsay of the Council on Foreign Relations says the impact will be less than some contend because “presidents have greater freedom to act in foreign policy than they do on domestic policy, both because of their specific constitutional authorities and because of their ability to take the initiative.”

He also notes that internal divisions¬†within the GOP will limit their ability to tie Obama’s hands.

Five Lawmakers Who Will Shape US Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy magazine profiles five of the key Republican lawmakers who could shape US foreign policy in the next year.

What Do The Elections Mean To US-Iranian Relations?
Barbara Slavin has an editorial in Voice of America in which she maintains the rise of the Republicans could incentivize¬†those negotiating talks on Iran’s nuclear weapons program to conclude an agreement before the end of the year.

From Russia With Some Love
An editorial in RIA Novosti, the Russian news agency, concludes that the elections will not have any effect on US-Russian relations.

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