Friday Roundup

More Questions Raised About UN Cover Up In Darfur Last month, the a United Nations investigator criticized a joint UN-African Union peacekeeping mission for allegedly covering up war crimes. Subsequently, the UN issued a press release stating that its investigative team had interviewed villagers about allegations of mass rape by Sudanese soldiers.

“None of those interviewed confirmed that any incident of rape took place in Tabit on the day of that media report,” the press release stated.

“The team neither found any evidence nor received any information regarding the media allegations during the period in question.”

However, Foreign Policy magazine reports that “the report left out damning evidence pointing to a concerted effort by Khartoum to undermine” the UN probe.

For instance, “A local teacher cited in the report said that Sudanese officials had warned locals not to cooperate with the investigation. The end result, according to the report, was that “the public was shy to openly discuss the allegation of mass rape.”

On Wednesday, the UN again called for a full investigation.

How ISIS Corporatized Terrorism
Cam Simpson of BusinessWeek writes that the foundation of the terrorist organization is more like General Motors in its management structure than “it is to a ­religious dynasty from the Dark Ages” and that “we may have arrived at the ultimate professionalization of terror.”

NATO Bolstering Its Cyber Warfare Capabilities In a new age of warfare where terrorists can create havoc from behind a computer, Motherboard magazine reports on efforts by NATO to strengthen its ability to engage on the digital battlefield.

Plotting A Different Course In US-China Relations
Francis Fukuyama of the Hoover Institution has a new paper suggesting ways the US can deal with China as it steps away from “smile diplomacy” toward a more belligerent and aggressive stance in the region.

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