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Are We Now A War Generation
Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations and President George W. Bush’s special envoy to Northern Ireland and Coordinator for the Future of Afghanistan contends the world is “witnessing the end of one era of world history and the dawn of another” more violent period in time. an era of American preeminence, increased prosperity for many, the emergence of a large number of relatively open societies and political systems, and widespread peace, including considerable cooperation among the major powers. Now that era, too, has ended, ushering in a far less orderly and peaceful epoch.

The Middle East is in the early phases of a modern-day Thirty Years’ War, in which political and religious loyalties are destined to fuel prolonged and sometimes savage conflicts within and across national borders. With its behavior in Ukraine and elsewhere, Russia has challenged what had been a mostly stable European order founded on the legal principle that territory may not be acquired by military force.

The Yazidis Brace For A Rough Winter
For a moment, the plight of the Yazidis caught the world’s attention and even spurred the US to action. Trapped by ISIS forces atop a hill, the Obama administration intervened to provide air cover to the thousands stranded and starving. And the world moved on, but the Yazidis remain in peril as they brace for the harsh winter ahead.

“Hard months lie ahead, as the inevitable cold of winter will envelop the mountains. Without more robust shelter and other aid, the Yazidi refugees fear the hard, upcoming winter,” report Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery in Foreign Policy.

The Dark Future If Ebola Is Not Contained
Maryn McKenna of Wired magazine details the grim future ahead for West Africa if the Ebola outbreak is not contained.

McKenna interviewed Jody Lanard and Peter Sandman, two risk-communication experts who have been involved in most of the big epidemic threats of the past decades, to gain an understanding of what could happen if the Ebola outbreak spreads.

“I hoped they would tell me not to be too worried about Ebola becoming a permanent threat in West Africa. Instead, they told me to be very worried indeed,” she writes.

Lanard and Sandman actually wrote an essay, Ebola: Failures of Imagination, based on McKenna’s question, which is featured on their website.

ISIS’ Child Soldiers
Kate Brannen profiles the generation of child soldiers being created by ISIS and considers how the West could be fighting them for generations to come.

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