Tuesday Headlines

Where Are The Leaders?
Aaron David Miller writes on why the time of great American leadership may be over. Conceding that a future could emerge from the shadows, Miller argues we are living in a time of a “leadership deficit of global proportions.”

He says, in fact, it is a time that could be characterized as a “post-heroic leadership era.”

“We certainly see leaders who are adept at maintaining power and keeping their seats — some, like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for many years. Germany’s Angela Merkel is certainly a powerful leader and skilled politician. But where are those whom we could honestly describe as potentially great, heroic, or inspirational? And how many are not only great, but good — with compassion and high moral and ethical standards — too?” he asks.

ONE Releases Global Poverty Report
A new report from ONE examines the progress made in combating global poverty and holding to account both donor and African government commitments on development finance.

The report also offers 11 specific recommendations to improve public finance for development beyond 2015.

Countering The Ebola Outbreak At Home
Tevi Troy writes in Forbes on questions raised in the wake of the emergence of a 2nd Ebola case in Dallas and how to prevent a domestic outbreak from turning into an epidemic.


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