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Americans’ Skepticism Of Medical Science
David Oshinsky looks at the reasons why Americans are more skeptical of medical science today, and how that has a negative impact on efforts to curtail the spread of diseases.

Maintaining Borders May Not Lead To Stability
The Independent’s Mary Dejevsky argues the international community is more hesitant to redraw borders because of past history, such as the borders established in Eastern Europe after WWII.

However, she says, leaving unstable borders in place may be equally disruptive to international stability.

“For a new generation of outsiders to try to preserve the status quo in the name of civilisation is no answer and could, in the long run, rebound. We should watch and we should wait, in the knowledge that states and their borders are neither sacrosanct nor eternal, even though we were brought up to believe that they were,” she writes.

Creating A Culture Of Science In Africa
SciDev.Net has released a report based on discussions held in March by  senior science communicators, policymakers, scientists, academics and NGO officials.

Download the Full Report.

Is The UN Security Council Worth America’s Attention?
Slate’s Joshua Keating asks whether the Security Council is relevant anymore and whether it would ever have approved airstrikes in Syria.

Could North Korea Spark A Global War?
As the Ukraine crisis demonstrates, unrest in one region of the world has the capacity to impact nations well beyond its borders and to draw major powers into that conflict. Could North Korea’s aggression against its own people and its neighbors spark a wider conflict?

That is the question James Hardy attempts to answer in his latest piece in The National Interest. And he looks at four other conflicts that could grow into a broader war.





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