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In Guinea, Ebola Threatens To Tear The Nation Apart
In a nation at the heart of the Ebola outbreak, many Guinean believe the disease is nothing more than a convenient pretext for sitting President Alpha Condé to delay presidential polls in 2015. Others view it is a conspiracy divined by its former colonial master France and powerful mining companies.

Peter Tinti of Foreign Policy reports that recent attacks targeting health workers have reinforced fears that the longer the Ebola crisis continues, the “greater the possibility that it could tear apart a social fabric delicately woven along ethno-political lines.”

The solution, he says, may lie with those who have been stricken with the deadly disease. “Countering false narratives about Ebola, including the notion that it does not exist, is a critical ingredient to ending the epidemic, and few voices are better placed to educate others than those who have personal experience with the disease,” Tinti writes.

The Christians Leading Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement
One of the more intriguing aspects of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong touches is the religious background of some of the movement’s leaders. An article in the Wall Street Journal looks at how Christianity is influencing the quest for freedom.

Conservatism’s Origins
Herbert Stupp of the Manhattan Institute reviews a new book examining the roots of conservatism and its divergent groups.

In Big Tent: The Story of the Conservative Revolution—As told by the Thinkers and Doers who Made it Happen,  Mallory and Elizabeth Factor offer a readable anthology of conservative thought that is geared to “thinkers and doers,” so the reader gets philosophy and some lessons in practical politics.

Unsettled Science – Climate Change
A new study suggests that we’ve been underestimating the amount of heat stored in the upper levels of our planet’s oceans by 24 to 55 percent. Just a reminder: Climate science is anything but settled, reports the BBC.

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