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Lawrence Husick of the Foreign Policy Research Institute examines the state of international relations in a time of accelerating dynamic instability.

Internationally, we are living in a period of warfare that occurs periodically throughout history. While most regions enjoy relatively long periods of peace, often approaching 100 years, but there are periodic interruptions of “equally long eras of internecine unrest and civil warfare.”

Although the United States itself is not cursed with civil war, Husick contends there is a fair amount of uncivil discourse that is clearly on the rise.

In addition, there are “periodic eruptions of racial and class violence and discord are worrisome to those who long for bygone days of high school civics classes and primary identification of fellow citizens that lacked ethnic, national, religious and racial ‘hyphenation’.”

Event: The War Under The Asian Seas
The American Enterprise Institute held a panel discussion on Monday examining the proliferation of underwater military warfare and whether it makes the region more stable or less secure.

While the US Navy has long dominated the undersea realm, American submarines now have plenty of company. What is driving this buildup, and does it make Asia more or less secure?

War On ISIS Is More Than One Battle
Max Boot writes in the Wall Street Journal that there are similarities between the Vietnam War and the war against ISIS – namely that the US can win individual battles, while still losing the greater war.

Behind The Peace Agreement Between Boko Haram And Nigeria
While the truce announced last week between Boko Haram and the government of Nigeria was welcome, it was also welcomed with skepticism. The London Telegraph demonstrates in two charts the possible reason Nigeria was willing to negotiate with terrorists.

While the number of attacks have decreased, the number of deaths resulting from each attack has risen. This, the paper asserts, has led to a sense of urgency to reach an agreement.




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