Friday Speed Reads

Turkey’s Refusal To Aid Khobani
David Kenner of Foreign Policy breaks down the reasons why Turkey has refused to come to the aid of Khobani and why they find little difference between ISIS and the Kurds.

Has The United States Abandoned Syria?
Michael Weiss writes in Lebanon’s NOW about the lack of will the United States has demonstrated in fulfilling its promise to assist Syrian rebels, and how the lackluster response to the plight of Khobani symbolizes its failed policy.

“If the last week has demonstrated anything, it is that America’s cynicism with respect to Syria is nowhere better exhibited than in its indifference to rescue a vulnerable ethnic minority in a Syrian-Turkish border town,” he writes.

Global Warming Statistics Questioned
Judith Curry, a professor and former chairwoman of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, examines with a critical lens the latest climate change arguments and questions whether they can weather close scrutiny.

A Capitalist Cure For Terrorism
Hernando de Soto argues on the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal that economic empowerment, rather than military might, holds the most promise for those who wish to vanquish terrorism.


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