Brazil Elections, Combating Ebola And The Need To Rethink Approaches To Global Governance

Brazil Elections
No matter which candidate wins Brazil’s presidential runoff, the real power lies elsewhere: with the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, writes Miriam Wells in Foreign Policy.

How Nigeria Defeated Ebola
Edward Wright, Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology at University of Westminster, looks at the means used by Nigeria to stop the spread of Ebola and what can be learned from their example.

Global Governance And Public Health Initiatives
The Council on Foreign Relations takes a comprehensive view of the current state of global public health and how to implement more efficient delivery thought greater coordination between international actors across the global health landscape. Using organizations like the World Health Organization, countries should clarify priorities for the global health agenda and demand greater accountability among nongovernmental organizations.

The CFR overview includes a timeline and well as detailed background information on the issue.

Why Global Governance Is Failing
0Ian Goldin of the London School of Economics examines the failures of global governance and why – in a globalized world – it is incumbent on the international community to bring about a “radical rethinking of global governance structures, with five core principles being at the heart of any successful reform process.”

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