US Builds Stronger Ties With Georgia, Tries To Repair Relations With China

Patrick Smyth believes the recent summit in Wales marked a “turning point” for NATO back to relevancy with its pivot back to defending Europe with regard to Russia’s encroachment in Ukraine.

“The Ukraine crisis has also prompted Ireland’s fellow EU neutrals Sweden and Finland to take a significant step closer to Nato membership in signing agreements to allow Nato deployment and training operations on their territory,” he writes in The Irish Times.

In addition, NATO penned an agreement to assign enhanced status to Georgia, which will lead to increased cooperative training events and dialogues among subject matter experts, according to a Defense Department statement.

The Democracy and Freedom Coalition breaks down what the agreement means for Georgia.

In return, Georgia has signed on to an anti-ISIL coalition, reports Politico.

US, China Preparing For November APEC Meeting
China’s official newspaper, the two nations have made steady progress in exchanges and cooperation in economics and trade, counter-terrorism, energy, environment protection and the Iranian nuclear issue ahead of November’s economic conference.

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi said today, “The current international environment has further highlighted the strategic significance for China and the United States to jointly build a new model of major country relations.”

Rice is scheduled to meet Tuesday with China’s defense and foreign ministers before departing Wednesday.

A new report by the Brookings Institution stresses that the “growing tensions over maritime claims require a multifaceted strategy, but the United States should not exaggerate the significance of rivalry over claims to a few hundred mostly uninhabited small islands, rocks, and atolls.”

While it remains important to express concerns about China’s activity and aggression in the Asian peninsula, the authors argue, the US “needs to keep this issue in perspective, and shape a strategy designed to minimize the chances of a downward slide into confrontation or conflict that could make numerous other critical issues, such as the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, promoting trade, investment, and economic growth, combating climate change, and maintaining peace in the East China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, measurably more difficult to manage.”



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