Tuesday Speed Reads

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Coalitions
James Stavridis of Foreign Policy offers his thoughts on what characteristics make effective international coalitions.

Saudi Arabia And The War On ISIS
Jeff Stein of Newsweek looks at whether Saudi Arabia will actually engage in a war against ISIS or if they will simply pay lip service to battling terrorism.

Some Nations Use Islamic Extremism For Own Goals
Shahram Chubin, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, writes on the practice of some Arab states exploiting Islamic extremism to achieve their own goals.

“It is a matter of contention whether jihadists are motivated by religion or by identity crises, economic and social marginalization and the attractions of a harsh simplistic faith which acts as personal and group reassurance. Although the “religious” component is undoubtedly secondary to others, it is an intrinsic element in the recruitment and validation of volunteers. And this raises the question of where the responsibility for the growth and manifestation of jihadism lies,” he contends.

US Commitment To Battling Ebola
Julia Belluz of Vox explains why the Obama administration is committing US troops to fight the spread of ebola.


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