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If Scotland Goes, Who Will Follow?
Rick Noack, who covers foreign affairs for The Washington Post, looks beyond Scotland’s referendum to consider which other regions might also seek their independence.

“Given Europe’s complicated history and cultural diversity, the existence of independence-minded groups and regions is understandable,” he writes, adding that the movements differ in their goals as well as their methods.

“Some are more violent (even building their own tanks, as was the case in Northern Italy) than others (as in Bavaria, where beer seems to be the only weapon which is used),” Noack notes.

Among the those he believe are willing to take the next step are: Catalonia (Spain); Denmarks’ Faroe Islands; Corsica (France); the Basque region in Spain; South Tyrol (Italy); Flanders (Belgium); Veneto (Italy); and Bavaria (Germany).

Bill Clinton Discuss His Global Initiative
On the 10th anniversary of the Clinton Global Initiative, Bill Clinton sat down for a wide-ranging interview with The Atlantic. During the discussion, the former president talked about peace efforts between Israel and Palestine; about corporate philanthropy; and why he remains hopeful about the future.

“Look at the fact that information technology can be used to detonate improvised explosive devices and roadside bombs, but is largely being used to empower the poor in many places. In Haiti, most Haitians had no access to basic banking services and they almost all had cellphones, so Denis O’Brien, an Irish entrepreneur who owns the biggest cellphone company in Haiti, partnered with a Canadian bank, Scotiabank, to begin offering banking services to low-income people who had cash,” he says of the initiatives that provide for people who are in need, as well as those who want to affect change.

Clinton reiterated his belief that technology will be the tool used to improve and strengthen development efforts and also said the next frontier for global development initiatives is to convince Asia to become more involved.

Speed Reads

Actress and activist Charlize Theron on the dire need for the world to respond to the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic.

The Jerusalem Post considers who might follow in the footsteps of Mahmoud Abbas.

Al Arabiya reports on the capture of 16 Kurdish villages by ISIS.

Jonathan Lord of the blog War on the Rocks asks whether or not we understand the nature of the war ISIS is fighting.

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