Former Prime Minister Tony Blair: All Options Should Be On The Table On War On Terror

Former British PM: Boots On The Gound Not Enough
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has written a lengthy essay on his Faith Foundation website in which he praises President Barack Obama and British Prime Minster David Cameron for beginning to form a coalition, he expresses some concern the effort may not go far enough because there “is still hesitation and unresolved expanses of discord in how we describe the problem and therefore in how we confront it.”

Blair says his essay is intended to “set out my analysis of what has happened, what is happening and what will happen and my belief that without a comprehensive strategy, we will face a future marked by conflict and instability across swathes of the world and major acts of terrorism in our own lands.”

While there is evidence that countries in the Middle East are prepared to shoulder responsibility, he writes Western troops should not be ruled out “provided that there is the consent of the population directly threatened and with the broadest achievable alliance, (to which I return below), we have, on occasions, to play our part.”

In an interview with BBC News, Blair speaks to that belief that “boots on the ground” should not be ruled out, saying, “Unless you’re prepared to fight these people on the ground, you may contain them but you won’t defeat them.”

He said there was “no appetite for ground engagement in the West” and that local forces could take on the role.

Turkey Closes Its Borders After Refugee Influx
Turkey closes most of its border crossings with Syria after the entry of at least 130,000 Kurd refugees, as IS militants approach a key Syrian town, reports the BBC.

“Four or five days ago this area was quite safe,” Selin Unal, a spokesperson with the U.N.’s refugee agency, the UNHCR, told TIME magazine. “And then after three days, 100,000 Syrians fled to Turkey.”

Turkey had already been home to close to 1.5 million refugees from Syria.

Inside The Mind Of An ISIS Jihadist
Jamie Dettmer of the Daily Beast talked with FBI profilers and other psychologists in an attempt to understand the pathology behind the terrorists.


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