Are Evangelicals Straying From Their Pro-Israel Stance?

Is Israel Losing Support From Evangelicals?
For years, evangelicals have been steadfast supporters of Israel, but the unquestioned loyalty may be waning, writes Mark Tooley.

While Evangelicals, like most Americans, show strong support for Israel in the polls, an increasing number of evangelicals in parachurch groups and evangelical schools are endorsing pro-Palestinian activism or at least a more neutral stance between Israel and its foes.

Often the new evangelical perspective is premised on concern for Palestinian Christians, who number about 50,000, or just over
1 percent of the West Bank and Gaza Palestinian population.

And there can be no discounting the change in opinion among younger evangelicals.

“Postmodern young evangelicals mostly see the two sides as competing, faraway peoples with equally valid narratives. That one side seeks coexistence while many on the other side seek eradication of their adversary is usually a part of the story not shared at “pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace events,” often featuring earnest Palestinian Christians and sometimes supportive Israeli peaceniks,” he writes.

Does Democracy Mean Anything In Today’s World?
Luce Irigaray and Michael Marder contend the rise of Islamic fundamentalism should inspire a discussion of what democracy means, rather than the meaning of radical Islam, particularly at a time when more citizens of democratic countries are themselves questioning how they are being governed.

“The time of political ideals is long gone, as far as our rulers are concerned, and even the relatively defeatist ‘doing the best we can’ motto sounds quite unbelievable, coming from our Prime Ministers and Presidents. Democracy has become a concept so empty of substance that it needs to be juxtaposed to religious fundamentalism to gain a modicum of meaning,” they write in the New Statesman.

The time has come to define and demonstrate differently what it means to be a democrat by giving the word to the citizens instead of keeping them hostage to debates between politicians. It is urgent to offer them to vote for points of a program that they really understand and that concern them as human beings, not only as consumers.

Is Angela Merkel Ignoring The Rise Of Anti-Semitism In Germany?
Benjamin Weinthal notes the rise of anti-Semitism in Germany seems to be escaping the attention of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The increase in attacks is not insignificant. In fact, German authorities recorded 184 anti-Semitic incidents in June and July. And a study by German human rights NGO Amadeu Antonio Foundation, reported that there were 25 anti-Semitic incidents in August.

Weinthal spoke with experts who believe Merkel is sincere in her condemnation of these attacks and who argue she is the most pro-Israel German leader, but her reaction speaks to the bipolar mentality of modern Germany.

“Germany has provided Israel with four advanced second-strike Dolphin submarines since Merkel began her tenure as chancellor, and a fifth will arrive in six months; these provide a significant nuclear-armed deterrent. In addition, Germany’s intelligence agency BND frequently cooperates with the Mossad.

“But even as Berlin has delivered vital military assistance to Israel, civil society and others in German political life have done little to curtail the outbreak of anti-Jewish sentiment,” he notes.

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