Radical Islam One Of Many Threats Facing Europe

Europe is facing thirty years of misery on the foreign policy front, Jan Techau says. The Carnegie Endowment for Peace fellow believes Europeans will have to tackle the existential threat that is developing on its southern flanks as ISIS further develops.

He contends it “increasingly likely that Europe will have to go to war in the region,” if the ISIS continues to grow, Israel and Palestine continue their conflict and if radical Islam further profits from poor economic and political conditions.

“The threat from Europe’s southern neighborhood is existential because Europe’s secularized, liberal, capitalist, open societies are the defined arch enemy of the hyper-aggressive IS-style ideology, thereby making Islamist fundamentalism both a formidable geostrategic and homeland security challenge.

“Even though the region falls outside EU borders, its populations are deeply embedded inside Europe, and thus their divisions and conflicts are, too. Millions of Muslims live in Europe, yet integration remains a significant problem. This contentious issue is likely to continue as Europe will increasingly reply on immigration if it is to sustain its standard of living against its own demographic decline,” he writes.

While Europe must fully engage in the battle against militant Islam, Ed Husain, a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations, argues they cannot do it alone. In fact, he says, it is the primary source of radicalism that must step forward first – Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia created the monster that is Salafi terrorism. It cannot now outsource the slaying of this beast to the United Nations. It must address the theological and ideological roots of extremism at home, starting in Mecca and Medina. Reforming the home of Islam would be a giant step toward winning against extremism in this global battle of ideas,” he writes in a New York Times op-ed.

Mehdi Hasan has an interesting article in The New Statesman about what intelligence services might learn about radicals and Islamic radicalization by flipping through the online activities of potential Islamists.

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