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Israel Launches Limited Strikes Against Hamas
Writing in The Times of Israel,

“However, despite the pressure of public opinion in Israel for a response to the killings, Jerusalem is concerned about targeting the Hamas leadership in Gaza because of the fear of escalation. The price of a dramatic upsurge in action against Hamas, or of efforts to bring down the Hamas leadership, will be dozens of missiles on Israel’s central Dan region and even further north. At this stage, it does not look as though Israel is interested in waging all-out war with Gaza,” notes Issacharoff.

UN Humanitarian Chief: Anti-Terror Laws Hinder Aid Delivery

Valerie Amons, the United Nations chief humanitarian leader, says that laws intended to combat terrorism are having an unintended consequence – slowing down aid delivery which places lives at risk.

“We have reports of people being on the brink of running out of food. People certainly have run out of medical supplies in many of these areas. So as the needs rise, we’re having fewer people in the ground able to meet those needs and ultimately, people will die,” she said.

Amos recently blamed the Syrian government of hindering delivery of humanitarian aid.

The fact is with millions of Syrians in need of aid, there is plenty of blame to be shared for the humanitarian crisis.

Amos said Thursday that 10.8 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance – 1.5 million more than just six months ago.

Experts On The Prospects Of Democracy In The Middle East
J.J. Gould reaches out to several foreign policy experts who were in attendance at the Aspen Ideas Festival to gather their insight on American intervention and the prospects for democratic self-governance in the Middle East.

The Rise Of An Islamic Capiphate
Ian Morris of the London Evening Standard offers insight into the rise of an Islamic caliphate and what it means for the region and the world.

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