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The Truth Is Lost In Gaza Violence
In addition to countless innocent lives, Jeffrey Goldberg argues that the truth also has been lost in the reporting of the violence in Gaza.

Goldberg contends the “world suffers from a kind of Hamas-specific amnesia, in which the group’s past deeds (hundreds of murdered Israelis) and extreme goals are forgotten as soon as they are learned.”

Rather than using concrete to build homes as they professed was their intent, Hamas creates underground tunnels.

“For years, Hamas leaders demanded that Israel allow them to import concrete in order to build homes for Gaza’s poor. We now know where so much of this concrete went — into the tunnels that run under Israel’s border, and into bunkers and bomb shelters for Gaza’s ruling elite. (The civilians of Gaza, the ones exposed to Israel’s bombardments, do not benefit from these exclusive bomb shelters,” says Bloomberg’s Goldberg.

Corruption, Not Immigration Reform, At Root Of Refugee Crisis Writing in The Miami Herald, Jose Miguel Cruz asserts the root cause of the crisis of Central American refugees is not the inability of US legislators to enact “comprehensive” immigration reform. The problem “resides within the structural corruption that holds sway in Central American institutions,” he contends.

In fact, while local leaders did use US-provided weapons and cash to fight the war on drugs, they were also covertly plotting with those same criminals to tighten their hold on institutions, thus expanding impunity.

“The result is that after years of security cooperation, these countries are crumbling under the siege of crime and widespread corruption. To be sure, American cooperation, spearheaded by the Central American Regional Security Initiative, has been amended and improved in recent years with more attention given to prevention and comprehensive responses to crime,” Cruz notes.

Russia Responds To EU Sanctions By Targeting European Firms
Anne Applebaum narrates the predictable tale of how Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded to European Union sanctions – by going after European firms that have deep and politically-complicated ties to Russia.

Another Day, Another Boko Haram Kidnapping
The Washington Post reports the wife of Cameroon vice prime minister has been kidnapped as part of a deadly attack on government officials.

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Ramadan In The Land Of The Midnight Sun
Dennis Betzholz chronicles the challenges facing Muslims during Ramadan when the environment forces practitioners to make real choices between faith and food.


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