Could Hamas Be Indicted For War Crimes?

Is It Possible To Indict Hamas For War Crimes?
Michael Curtis makes his case for indicting Hamas for war crimes related to its behavior towards Israel, which he asserts constitute violations of Article 7(1) of the Rome Statute, which applies to murder and extermination. “Article 8(2)(b) of the Rome Statute deals with the war crime of using protected persons as shields.

Hamas has been guilty on numerous occasions of this crime – the intention to shield a military objective from attack or shield, favor, or impede military operations. “The major war crime of Hamas is to use children for this purpose. Golda Meir, in her straightforward manner, once commented, “We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” In contrast, Hamas has stated that preserving the capacity to bomb civilians in Israel is more valued than the loss of Palestinian children,” he writes.

New Approaches To Combating Emerging Health Threats
Mimicking Silicon Valley’s practice of gathering the best minds in one room (or rooms) to hack out the best ideas, groups are doing the same in an effort to build a front-line defense against disease outbreaks in remote and under resourced areas.

The EpiHack events the events seek to find ways to collect, track, and share data on emerging disease pandemics, reports Tech In Asia.

Britain’s Independent looks at the emerging global health threats, including AIDS and ebola, and what is being done to combat them.

Could ISIS Gain A Foothold In Pakistan?
Arif Rafaq believes the threat of ISIS in Pakistan has not become a real concern – yet.

“The Islamic State is an outlier within Pakistan’s jihadist community. And barring cataclysmic events, such as the death of Mullah Omar or the spread of ISIS into Saudi Arabia, it is likely to remain on the periphery,” he contends.

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