China Targeting US Tech And Other Headlines

American Businesses Under Assault In China Forbes columnist Gordon Chang says there is a disturbing trend in China of anti-American activity, including the recent crackdown on Google shortly before the anniversary of Tiananmen Square. “State enterprises have for decades been the primary beneficiaries of protectionism, and it looks like they are now using their growing political clout to fan the anti-Americanism for their own benefit.  Almost none of the entrenched interests have a reason to help U.S. business,” says Chang, who believes the anti-American campaign against U.S. companies is “something worse than a trade war.”

Patrick Thibodeau of the website CIO says there are several reasons for China’s increased targeting of US technology firms, namely its confidence in its own abilities.

He also contends that there is no downside at the moment for China.

“Even if it becomes increasingly difficult to sell in China, the government knows its consumer market is so vast, U.S. tech firms will only work harder,” he argues.

In The Middle East, Dictatorships Are Becoming The Norm The overwhelming victory by Syria’s Bashir al-Assad reflects a disturbing pattern in the Middle East of governance by dictator assert the editors of The Observer.

“Strongman politics is both contagious and increasingly back in fashion across the Middle East, where the democratic promise of the Arab Spring revolts has mostly turned to dust and tears,” they write.

They note that Libyans “are now witnessing, and to some degree welcoming, the rise in the east of Khalifa Haftar, an army general intent on curbing the militias and jihadists,” while Iraq continues to be ruled by Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq’s tough-guy prime minister.

Youth Violence: Think Tank Addresses Roots, Solutions
The revolutions in the Middle East demonstrate how young people can be a positive force for change. But they also are the primary participants in conflict today.

The US Institute for Peace recently held a panel discussion of the reasons some young people are pushed toward participating in violence and what practices might be effective solutions.

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