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Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls And Polio: The Role Of Radical Islamic Terrorism
Margaret Wente contends behind the missing girls in Nigeria and the resurgence of polio is radical Islamic terrorism. The Taliban has been partly responsible for the rising numbers of those afflicted by polio by targeting UN health officials and spreading rumors that polio vaccines are part of a plot by the West, while Boko Haram also carries out its hatred of the West by targeting anyone supporting progress.

“Boko Haram and the Taliban are united in their hatred of women, progress and the West. Both have targeted polio workers. Both flourish in remote areas of failed states, far beyond the reach of impotent authorities. Both recruit ignorant young men from radical Islamist schools, and both justify the murder of innocents in the name of God,” she writes.

Russia Joins Growing Number Of Nations Employing Censorship
Russia has employed cyber terrorism at an increasing rate, it also is cracking down on the Internet in an effort to restrict freedom and control the flow of information internally.

“It is still unclear whether major companies like Google and Facebook will agree to the expensive task of placing servers and data-storage centers inside Russia—or if Moscow will follow through with blocking access to the sites if they do not. Whatever he decides to do, Putin is representative of an accelerated push by autocratic leaders worldwide to reign in the unwieldy Internet space. But doing so once populations have already experienced the value and convenience of open access can be difficult,” writes Glenn Kates in The Atlantic.

But, he notes, it is not just Russia. From North Korea and China to Iran and Turkey, regimes are using their power to limit access of its citizens to the Internet.

Boko Haram’s Terror Is Not Confined To Nigeria
Jideofor Adibe, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, discusses the possible trajectories the conflict in Nigeria will take in the near and the long-term.

In a previous blog, Adibe explains the emergence of Boko Haram in Africa. Although thought of largely as acting within Nigeria, the terror group was likely responsible for several bombings in Cameroon earlier this year.

In 2013, the Cameroonian government began a more aggressive campaign to fight Boko Haram, which was coming across the border from Nigeria with more regularity in recent years.

And, Carl Gershman discusses the role of the US in a changed world in a piece in The World Affairs Journal.

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