Sunday Headlines And Quick Hits

Russia increased the number of its troops in Ukraine as Crimea voters headed to the polls to vote on whether to join Russia and also whether to restore the 1992 Crimean constitution, which permits the regional parliament to summarily declare independence.

At the United Nations, Russia deployed its veto to prevent passage of a resolution in the Security Council condemning the referendum. China did not cast a vote.

Afghanistan-Pakistan Discord Strengthens Militants’ Hand
Disagreements between Pakistan and Afghanistan over which strategy to employ against growing extremism is providing terrorists with the opportunity to unify, contends Asim Yousafzai, a geo-political analyst at the University of Maryland.

“While the terrorists are racing ahead with this unity of purpose, the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan are divided when it comes to tackling the growing extremism. Islamabad is busy pursuing talks, while in Afghanistan ‘insider attacks’ are on the rise because the Taliban have managed to get members recruited by the Afghan security forces,” he maintains.

He also asserts that NATO’s preoccupation with Ukraine could worsen an already-deteriorating situation.

“In the complete absence of international forces, the Taliban can have a field day with those participating in the electoral process [in Afghanistan],” says Yousafzai.

He adds that the spread of extremism is not just a problem for Afghanistan and Pakistan, but that it “represents an existential threat to the territorial integrity of South Asian nations.”

Quick Hits

Juan Nagel of The Daily Beast writes about the ongoing chaos in Venezuela.

Jason Walsh says the new wave of Irish immigration is vastly different than previous years – this time they are educated.

Harvard Business School professor Geoffrey Jones is interviewed in Forbes about his new book,  Entrepreneurship and Multinationals: Global Business and the Making of the Modern World.

Economist Joseph Stiglitz contends large trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, expose our “gross mismanagement” of globalization.


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