Middle Eastern Leaders Remain Divided On Range Of Issues, Including Syria

In Middle East Nations Face Disagreement, Key Challenges
Leaders of most Middle Eastern countries traveled to meet amid disagreement on range of issues, including on the number one issue on the agenda — Syria. Saudi Arabia has called for the Syrian National Council to have a seat at the Arab Summit. Another key issue is how to manage the developing chaos in Iraq.

North Korea Fires Missiles In What South Views As Serious Provocation
In what South Korea has characterized as a “serious provocation,” North Korea fired two medium-range missiles into the sea between Korea and Japan. It is being viewed as an escalation for Pyongyang, which recently test-fired a series of short-range Scud missiles in recent weeks. Meanwhile, The Korea Times reports that South Korean President Park Geun-hye has agreed to hold talks with her Japanese and American counterparts to devise a strategy to better deal with rising threats from North Korea.

Columnist: If NATO Does Not Act, It Is Finished
Con Coughlin, a columnist with London’s Daily Telegraph, contends that NATO — the region’s only stabilizing force — fails to act, then Vladimir Putin will be free to act.

“When faced with a crisis, the default position of Nato member states, as we have seen recently over Libya and Syria, is to bicker amongst themselves over how to respond, rather than coming up with an effective programme that safeguards its interests. But if Nato leaders fail to come up with an adequate response to Putin’s new mood of military aggression, they might as well dissolve the alliance and start negotiating peace terms with Moscow,” he writes.

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