Global Fund To Fight AIDS And TB Receiving Support And Donations – For Now


The Global Fund to fight AIDS and TB is celebrating renewed support, including recent pledges of $12 billion from donor  governments, foundations, and the private sector. As positive as the response has been, J. Stephen Morrison and Katherine Bliss of the Center for Strategic and International Studies believe challenges remain.

Among the barriers to success that lie ahead is a lack of “ownership” among many of the countries receiving aid from the Fund.

“Second, achieving substantial ‘country ownership’ by  recipient countries, most notably higher budgetary commitments by African  countries themselves, is essential to sustaining U.S. and other donors’ support  over the long term. There has been some recent progress – but not nearly  enough. No African head of state appeared at the Washington pledging  conference, an unsettling and embarrassing gap. Globally, spending on AIDS, TB  and malaria among developing countries doubled over the five years between 2006  and 2011, however it was concentrated among lower-middle-income countries,” they write.

While supportive of the Fund’s mission, some analysts have warned that without proper oversight and accountability measures, the Fund could lose trust and support.

“Any investment in Global Fund must be conditional on two actions: (i) prepare the low and middle income countries to assume more financial responsibilities for their programs, and (ii) support and facilitate new, quality assured products to enter the developing countries market.

We should fund the Global Fund, no doubt about it.  But we should ask the right questions now and initiate a change that would make a difference in development assistance.  We should ask what actions can be taken so that existing resources can reach many more people and what arrangements can sustain our past investments. Our resources are finite but global collaboration can be limitless,” contends health policy analyst Taufiqur Rahman in an November op-ed.



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