UN: International Law Covers Drone Use

UN: International Law Should Govern Use Of Drones
In an address to university students, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said drones should be subject to international and humanitarian law.

“The use of armed drones, like any other weapon, should be subject to long-standing international law, including international humanitarian law,” Ban said.

The choice of venue for his remarks were not surprising given the position of the Pakistani government that the use of drones constitutes a violation of their sovereignty and international law.

His remarks, says David Bosco of Foreign Policy, do not constitute any change of UN policy. In essence, they were nothing new.

But the use of drones, however, remains controversial, particularly among critics of US foreign policy. For example, The Guardian newspaper’s Naureen Shah chastised the Obama administration for what she says is a lack of transparency on the use of drones.

“The US government has refused to officially acknowledge the strikes surge or reports of potentially unlawful deaths – just as it did, for years, refuse to confirm reports of the more than 300 drone strikes in Pakistan. On drones, secrecy is business as usual – and it carries on,” she writes.

Egyptian Crisis Makes Strange Bedfellows
 Foreign Policy’s John Hudson notes that while many US lawmakers are seriously considering ending aid to Egypt, the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) is engaging in a behind-the-scenes effort to ensure the aid continues to flow.

“Although AIPAC has gone relatively quiet in recent weeks, some congressional aides expressed surprise at how publicly the group moved to kill an amendment sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul in July that would’ve suspended aid to Egypt until it holds free and fair elections,” Hudson writes.





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