Monday Headlines

US-Russian Disconnect
Russia is denying the emergence of a new Cold War, but the US is intent on taking a “pause” to reassess relations.

Putin Not Unhappy About Cancellation Of Meeting With Obama Michael Bohm of The Moscow Times shares his thoughts on why Russian President Vladamir Putin is quite happy that he will not be meeting with President Obama.

Is It Time To Revisit Aspects Of The Camp David Accords?
An editorial in The Jerusalem Post advises Egyptians and Israelis to revisit the Camp David Accords because the “old arrangements underpinning security relations between the two countries are out-dated and ill-suited to an era when a quasistate run by Hamas has emerged in Gaza and when a hodgepodge of Beduin clans, al-Qaida-affiliated organizations and Salafists have filled the security vacuum in Sinai.”

Diplomacy 101: The Lessons To Be Learned By The Edward Snowden Affair

Steven Pifer of the Brookings Institution says the saga of Edward Snowden is a case study in diplomatic mismanagement.

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