Headlines: North Korea Missile Launch, New Climate Change Report

North Korea Undeterred Launches More Missiles
For the third straight day, North Korea fired short-range weapons over its own eastern waters in an attempt to bolster deterrence against enemy attack.

South Korea’s new president Park Geun-hye has come under fire for what is seen as a deterioration of relations between the two nations. A recent editorial in the Korea Times criticized Park while advocating for a return to the negotiating table.

Acknowledging that Pyongyang’s action and rhetoric are responsible for raising tensions, the editorial says “could be the time for President Park to demonstrate what her “trustpolitik” is. And she could do so by resuming humanitarian aid to malnourished children in North Korea.”

China Reveals North Korean Seizure Of Fishing Boat This weekend, it was revealed that North Korea had captured the crew of a Chinese fishing boat earlier this month. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the seizure of the boat occurred on May 5 and North Korean authorities demanded payment of approximately $98,000 to release them and the vessel. Authorities maintain the boat was in waters claimed by North Korea.

Climate Change Slowing, But Remains Threat To Environment
A group of scientists have released a new climate change analysis that shows the global warming trend is slowing, but they warn that its impact on the Earth will still be dire.

Alexander Otto of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute says the current emission trends show that global warming may be slowing but that there “is no room for relaxing or for rejoicing or anything like that, unfortunately.”

The findings were published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Otto co-authored the recent study by the scientists, which asserted that their findings are consistent with previous estimates that the earth is on a dangerous course unless warming trends are not reversed.

Bill Gates Discusses Global Health, Setting Priorities
Bill Gates sits down with The Washington Post to tackle issues from his efforts to eradicate polio to how he appropriates funding.












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