Obama, Kerry Indicate US Will Take Wait And See Posture

US Adopting Wait And See Posture Toward North Korea
In an interview, President Obama expressed his belief based on “current intelligence assessments, we do not think that they have that capacity.” His assertion is an implicit rebuke of an earlier Defense Intelligence Agency report which contended that North Korea has the capacity to place a nuclear weapon on a missile.

The president said he expected Pyongyang would continue to wield its rhetorical sword and make threats, but that is it the hope of the US to “contain it and we can move into a different phase, in which they try to work through diplomatically some of these issues so they can get back on a path where they’re actually feeding their people.”

North Korea, Japan Not Pleased With US Peace Talk Proposal
In response to overtures from Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, North Korea said it was open to negotiations, but only after it had “acquired nuclear deterrent enough to defuse the U.S. threat of nuclear war,” reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Japanese were no more embracing of the policy Kerry articulated while on a recent trip to Asia. According to Scott Snyder of the Council of Foreign Relations, Kerry actually raised Tokyo’s anxiety levels and reflected the difficulty in pursuing a diplomatic policy toward Pyongyang that is not merely a repeat of the past.

“Japan’s response underlines the question of whether the United States can now advance its diplomatic efforts toward North Korea on a new model, without such an approach being perceived as a return to the regular cycle of brinkmanship-negotiation-and reward. The Obama administration continues to face the burden of showing that a return to negotiations with North Korea will not represent what former Defense Secretary Gates referred to as buying the same horse for a third time.”







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