Monday Morning Headlines

North Korean Missile Threats Underestimated
The Wall Street Journal editorial board argues that policymakers are grossly underestimating the nuclear threat posed by North Korea. Making matters more dangerous, say experts, is the potential for a minor incident to lead into a larger and more deadly confrontation.

Related: South Korean President Park Geun-hye is unlike recent leaders – she is ready to respond to threats from Pyongyang.

G20 Proposal To Cut Public Debt Below 90 Percent
Reuters reports that G20 finance ministers will weigh a proposal to “gear their fiscal policy towards achieving a [public] debt level that is well below 90 percent of GDP.'”

The G20 finance leaders will meet in Washington on April 18-19.

US-Japan Trade Deal Could Boost Broader Globalization
A bonus is that such a deal could revive the moribund World Trade Organization by offering a template for a new phase of liberalization that could be extended worldwide,” write the editors of Bloomberg News.

“This could be the new model: instead of periodic fits and starts of reform through the WTO, a steady process of “competitive liberalization” for which expanding groups of like- minded trade-reformers provide the core. With the Doha Round stalled, and protectionism on the rise in many countries because of high unemployment and slow growth, it’s well worth trying a new strategy,” asserts the Bloomberg News editorial board.






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