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G8 Ministers Unable To Agree On Path Forward In Syria
In a statement issued on April 11, the G8 foreign ministers called for all nations to maximize “their contributions to the latest UN appeals and to provide them with direct support in order to help them face this challenging situation” concerning refugees.” However, differences among Russia, the US and China prevented the ministers from reaching a consensus on how to proceed toward a resolution of the two-year conflict.

In other news, the G8 pledged to take action against the use of sexual violence and rape as a weapon of war.

Synthetics Are New Front In Drug War
The image of poppy fields in Asia, trucks loaded with cocaine streaming across the border of Mexico or into the ports of Miami are generally associated with the war on drugs. But things have changed.

In March the Narcotics Control Board labeled new psychoactive substances the fastest-growing category of drugs in the world and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime announced plans to create a system that will enable countries to share information about new synthetics.

Korean Tensions Create Unlikely Beneficiary – The Tourism Trade
Der Spiegel features a report on how tensions between North and South Korea are drawing tourists to the region.

Trouble With Debating The Laws Of Economics Is That There Are No Laws Of Economics
Reuters columnist Zachary Karabell sees a trend in Washington – policymakers placing every issue from immigration to gun control in the context of the “laws of economics.” The problem with framing the debates “in the context of all-powerful economic laws” is that there “are no laws of economics.”






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