Decline In US Hegemony Is Just One Threat Facing Global Community

Pursuit Of Equality Is Leading World On Path To Anarchy
Robert D. Kaplan, an security analyst and author of The Revenge of Geography, argues that the decline of American hegemony is a more dangerous proposition than the equality which so many seek.

“The fact is that domination of one sort or another, tyrannical or not, has a better chance of preventing the outbreak of war than a system in which no one is really in charge; where no one is the top dog, so to speak,” he writes in a recent article.

“Hierarchy eviscerates equality; hierarchy implies that some are frankly ‘more equal’ than others, and it is this formal inequality — where someone, or some state or group, has more authority and power than others — that prevents chaos. For it is inequality itself that often creates the conditions for peace,” he states further.

Kaplan also addressed this theme in a 1994 article in The Atlantic.

Cyber Issues Top Defense Department’s Global Threat List
Noting how “quickly and radically the world and our threat environments are changing,” James Clapper, Director of the National Intelligence Agency, said his agency ranks cyber threats and the resulting impact on power grids and other critical infrastructures as the predominant threat.

Clapper delivered his full statement before Congress on April 11.

North Korea and Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons did make the list, but Clapper said the intelligence community continues to subscribe to its belief that, “in Pyongyang’s view, its nuclear capabilities are intended for deterrence, international prestige, and coercive diplomacy.”

Perhaps more worrisome was Clapper’s acknowledgement that the intelligence community does ”not know what would constitute, from the North’s perspective, crossing that threshold.”

Earth Facing Range of Environmental Challenges
In the first part of a series in Scientific American, Ramez Naam examines the environmental and natural resource challenges – ranging from deforestation and climate change to overfishing and water pollution – facing the global community.

“The situation we’re in isn’t a looming wall that we’re doomed to crash into. It’s a race – a race between depletion and pollution of natural resources on one side, and our pace of innovation on the other,” Naam asserts.


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