If Iran Obtains Nuclear Capability, What Would The US Do?
Kingston Reif, director of nuclear nonproliferation at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, contends that President Barack Obama may have boxed himself in by stating that concerning Iran the US does not have “a policy of containment,” but has “a policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

In an article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Reif looks at a few of the potential scenarios that could confront the US if and when Iran obtains nuclear weapons.

Reif notes that to date, measure to isolate Iran have not prevented them from “continuing to produce 20-percent-enriched uranium, which is not suitable for weapons but is more highly enriched than what is needed for nuclear power reactors. Nor has US policy stopped Iran from adding more advanced centrifuges to its underground enrichment facility at Fordow.”

What Is Driving Pyongyang’s Pursuit Of Nuclear Weapons

In formulating a policy of deterrence or containment, American policymakers, foreign policy analysts and military leaders are all striving to understand the motives behind North Korea’s short-term actions and their long-term goals. Writing in Korea’s JoongAng Daily, Victor Cha outlines some of the reasons behind North Korea’s never-ending quest for  nuclear weapons.

“Doves have always maintained that North Korea is willing to trade their nuclear weapons for security. Hawks say the North equates nuclear weapons with ultimate security,” Cha contends, adding that Pyongyang also wants “to retain control of a portion of their nuclear programs outside of international inspection, which in their eyes could serve as their nuclear deterrent.”

Unseen Threats: Is The World Prepared To Battle A Pandemic
The world has made much progress in combatting the spread of AIDS, but as recent outbreaks of the HINI and SARS viruses have filled the vacuum, notes an editorial in The Economist. The question remains: Is the global community prepared to battle a pandemic?

“As the case of AIDS shows, a novel pathogen that spreads around the world unnoticed by the medical authorities can wreak havoc. More recently, cheap air travel has proved a boon to pathogens keen for a global tour. Fortunately the world has learned from the cases of SARS, H5N1 bird flu (in 2005) and H1N1 swine flu (in 2009). Systems are being put in place to spot potentially pandemic diseases and stop them quickly. These systems, though, are still piecemeal.

Five Essays Which Had An Impact On International Relations
Foreign Policy magazine offers a list of five essays which had an impact on the course of international affairs, including George Kennan’s 1947 article from Foreign Affairs.




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