UN Report Cites Progress In Combating Global Poverty

UN Report Finds Progress In Combating Global Poverty
In announcing the launch of the 2013 United Nations Human Development Program, program administrator Helen Clark said that a “significant number of developing countries have transformed themselves into dynamic emerging economies with growing geopolitical influence” and have created a new “global middle class.”

The progress in building economic growth, says the report, is achieved more often when countries focus investments in social policies, such as health and education.

Important Progress Made In Terms Of How The Poor View Themselves

Progress cannot be measured solely in economic terms notes the Christian Science Monitor.

“While these steps of progress – from free-trade pacts to water wells, from roads to new seed varieties – have helped reduce poverty, the overriding effect seems to be an improvement in the poor’s image of themselves as able to use the assets made available to them,” reports the paper.

Inequality, Climate Change Remain Challenges

As positive as the news is, the report adds that inequality and challenges posed by climate change remain obstacles to further advancement. Clark believes that “promoting greater equity is not only an important goal in its own right. It is also central to lifting human development.”

UN Says US Drone Strikes Violate Pakistan’s Sovereignty
The United Nations released a statement in which it asserted that unmanned drone strikes by the US represent a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Earlier this year, Pakistan, Russia and China requested the UN investigate the legitimacy of the drone strikes, according to the New York Times.


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