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US Disengagement Would Yield Ugly Results, Expert Says
Eliot Cohen decries the “foreign policy realists, particularly in the academic world” who contend that “the competing interests of states tend automatically toward balance and require no statesmanlike action by the U.S.”

History shows that a failure of the US to lead “will yield some ugly results, Cohen maintains and points to Syria as a “harbinger of things to come.”

“A world in which the U.S. abnegates its leadership will be a world of
unrestricted self-help in which China sets the rules of politics and trade in
Asia, mayhem and chaos is the order of the day in the Middle East, and timidity and appeasement paralyze the free European states.”

Europeans Favor Less Hawkish US Foreign Policy
Jan Techau of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says that Europeans desire a US that is less hawkish US, one that “stays out of problems instead of feeling responsible for solving them” and “believes that the use of force is not the solution to every conflict.”

But, he adds, the question remains whether that is the US Europe needs.

In essence, Techau contends U.S. passivity and European weakness are two sides of the same coin, but cautions Europe that if America does retreat, they will soon come to “understand that the time for outsourcing the protection of their own strategic interests is fast coming to an end.”

US Remains Top Destination For World’s Migrants
It might come as a surprise to some that only 13 percent of the world’s adult population would leave their home country if they could. A recent Gallup poll found that of the approximately 630 million desiring to immigrate, 138 million would choose the US as their destination. The United Kingdom and Canada round out the top three.

China and Nigeria lead the list of the countries from which migrants to the US would come. Unsurprisingly, residents of Iran and Pakistan do not wish to settle in the US.

“Instead, Pakistanis most desire to relocate to Saudi Arabia and the U.K. and Iranians would prefer to move to Jordan or Lebanon. This is not surprising, as Iranians and Pakistanis have some of the lowest U.S. leadership approval ratings in the world,” reports Gallup.

In Afghanistan Life Is Deadlier For Women And Girls
According to a new report from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, as the overall number of casualties has decreased 12 percent, among women and girls it has increased by 20 percent.

Of the 7,559 civilian casualties reported in 2012 (2,754 deaths and 4,805 injuries), women accounted for 864 (301 deaths and 563 injuries), or 11 percent.

French Police Raid The Home Of IMF’s Lagarde
International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde was lauded as a fresh breath when she arrived at the IMF. It is not her leadership at the IMF which is now drawing scrutiny, but actions she took while serving as France’s finance minister. At issue is the propriety of the approval of a nearly $500 million compensation payment made to Bernard Tapie, a French businessman and ally of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The IMF executive board did consider the questions surrounding the Tapie compensation prior to Lagarde’s appointment and concluded it would not interfere with her duties.





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