Can President Obama Transform US Policy Toward Africa?

Richard Joseph, a professor at Northwestern University, offers a six-point plan on how President Barack Obama can become a “transformative leader” by strengthening American relations with Africa in President Barack Obama’s second term.

Joseph suggests the administration consolidate the efforts of numerous agencies to stimulate trade into a more coherent investment-promotion structure and to shifting to the “quality of [economic] growth, the productive capacity of economies, the diversification of export products, the capturing of low-wage industrial employment shed by China, and, most crucially, the generating of more and better jobs.”

Joseph’s article builds on a February piece he authored laying out the broad outlines of a foreign policy that bolsters a liberal international order.

Africa Important To US Counterterrorism Strategy
Africa, particularly North Africa, remains a region of critical importance to the US strategy in the war on terrorism – a fact reflected in the establishment of a drone base in the capital of Niger.

As reported by the Washington Post, drone bases are fast becoming “a fixture” in North Africa. Recently, the Pentagon has constructed bases in Djibouti and Ethiopia.

In Other News:

Saturday Interview: Manal al-Sharif
It is unlikely that you are familiar with the name Manal al-Sharif. It is likely, however, that you are familiar with something which she risked her life to do – drive.

In May of 2011, al-Sharif got behind the wheel of a car to defy the prohibition in Saudi Arabia on women driving cars. Read more about what happened next.

Survey Finds Recovery Remains A Dream For Many Americans
For millions of Americans the recovery is nothing more than a word.

A two-part Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey finds that low-wage workers are feeling worse off now than they were during the recession, while The Wall Street Journal finds unemployed Americans feeling similarly low

The AP-NORC survey found that half of low-end workers were “not too” or “not at all” confident that their jobs would help them meet their long-term career goals. As its stands, only 41% of workers who have been in dead-end jobs for more than a decade reported ever receiving a promotion.

No Shortage Of Bombast From North Korea
Foreign Policy magazine provides a short list of the bombast coming from North Korea since the beginning of March.

Why A War Criminal Turned Himself Over To US Authorities
Time Magazine‘s Will George provides some insight on the events that led fugitive Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda to walk into the American embassy in Rwanda and surrender to officials.


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