Use Of Armed Drones Raises Questions At Home And Abroad

Use Of Armed Drones To Target Terrorists Raises Questions
The recent disclosure of a Justice Department memo justifying the use of drones in the targeted killing of terrorists, including American citizens, resulted in renewed focus on the policy itself during the nomination hearing of John Brennan to head of the CIA.

Even among supporters of the use of drones as an appropriate means to combat terrorism, legislators have voiced concern about a lack of oversight of the program itself.

One proposal being weighed is to establish a “drone court,” which would be formed in a manner analogous to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), which reviews federal warrants to intercept electronic communications of suspected foreign agents and terrorists.

Critics Call On US To Clarify Rules
The Financial Times editorialized that the US must take the lead by clarifying its policy on drones, which the paper declared “does not meet even the flimsiest rule of law test.”

To avoid an appearance of a double standard, the Times said, “The US must declare to the world that it follows clear rules. Other  countries, including China, are rapidly acquiring drone technology. The US cannot demand legality from others when it is cavalier in its own behaviour.”

Germany Reversal Of Drone Policy Spurs Internal Debate
While less controversial in the US, polls show the use of drones in warfare is opposed by most nations around the globe. Even the term “drones” is enough to raise eyebrows in international circles. Nonetheless, the evolving nature of warfare has resulted in some nations begrudgingly accepting drones as a necessary means in the ongoing battle against global terrorism.

In fact, in January, Germany reversed its own policy on drones and for the first time is examining the option of using armed drones in conflict.







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