Sunday News and Notes

Mexican President Vows To Heal Economy, End Crime
Enrique Peña Nieto was sworn in as Mexico’s new president vowing to repair the nation’s economy, but also amid thousands of protesting Mexicans. One of Nieto’s first meetings was with the special envoy to China, a nation with which he wants to strengthen ties.

Will Palestine Vote Result In Challenge To Israeli Settlements?
After the historic vote to award Palestine observer status in the United Nations, some analysts believe it could open the door to legal challenges to the constitutionality of Israeli settlements and allegations of war crimes.

Aeyal Gross writes in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that “for the International Criminal Court to find Israeli leaders guilty of this crime, and there are many reasons to believe that the political circumstances will keep that from happening.”

“The Palestinians may also not be interested in recognizing the court’s authority for fear that they, too, will be accused of war crimes against Israel, such as firing rockets at civilians,” he adds.

North Korea Sparks Concern With Plans For Satellite Launch
While North Korea insists the recently-announced plans to launch a satellite is nothing more than an effort to develop a peaceful space program, but South Korea and the rest of the world see it very differently.

For Some Companies Insourcing Is The Way To Go
As a result of changes in the way dishwashers are produced, more companies are beginning to reverse the trend of outsourcing. General Electric is just one example, according to The Atlantic.

Will A New Approach Save Teachers Unions?
Michael Stryer, a member of United Teachers Los Angeles, believes that one of the keys to reforming education lies in changing the way unions conduct business.

Stryer, a union member himself, notes, “Unions in small and medium-size districts are taking a different approach. Eschewing top-down leadership, these unions are highly collaborative. As a result, their actions reflect their members’ priorities: improved student achievement and upgraded teacher quality.”


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