Saturday’s Quick Hits

Government Agencies

Government agenices are beginning to prepare to furlough employees in the event Congress and the White House cannot avoid going over the fiscal cliff..

The Fed Meets As The Fiscal Cliff Nears
The Federal Reserve Board will hold its Federal Open Market Committee meeting during a busy week in Washington.

A Trans-Atlantic Trade Pact?
The Wall Street Journal makes its case for spurring economic growth by establishing a trade pact between the US and Europe.

“A good trade deal could be the cheapest stimulus that you don’t need money to buy. The U.S. and the EU represent nearly half of global GDP. One-third of world trade is between the U.S. and Europe. Trans-Atlantic direct investment totals some $2.7 trillion, and total bilateral annual trade tops $600 billion,” notes the editorial.

The Unemployed Do Not Fit The Mold
The Washington Post looks beyond the myths and assumptions about those who are presently known as “the unemployed.”

Look For Santa In The Unemployment Line
Quentin Fottrell writes in SmartMoney about the jobs challenge facing many a store Santa.





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