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Syrian President Assad Meets With UN Envoy
UN peace envoy Lakdar Brahimi met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to identify a solution to a civil war that has raged for 21 months. The urgency and difficulty of the path forward was driven home by an attack on rebels by Syrian government forces that killed as many as 60 civilians.

“The situation in Syria is still worrying and we hope that all the parties will go toward the solution that the Syrian people are hoping for and look forward to,” Brahimi said.

Is 2013 The Year Obama Acts On Iran?
Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post considers whether 2013 will be the year that President Obama decides to take action to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Nationalism Is On The Rise Worldwide – And That’s Not Good
Robert Kaplan argues in The Wall Street Journal that there is a renewed danger in the rise of nationalism around the world.

“We truly are in a battle between two epic forces: Those of integration based on civil society and human rights, and those of exclusion based on race, blood and radicalized faith. It is the mistake of Western elites to grant primacy to the first force, for it is the second that causes the crises with which policy makers must deal—often by interacting with technology in a toxic fashion, as when a video transported virtually at the speed of light ignites a spate of anti-Americanism (if not specifically in Benghazi). The second force can and must be overcome, but one must first admit how formidable it is,” argues Kaplan.

Islamists Attack Ancient Mausoleums In Mali
Islamist forces in Mali have set to destroying mausoleums, a sign of the continued radicalism and adherence to Sharia law.






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